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Exlar linear actuators now have a built-in force measuring option

Exlar is extending the capabilities of its high torque, long life Exlar GSX and I Series of electromechanical linear actuators with the introduction of an integral force measuring option. Force measuring is achieved by means of a load cell embedded within the actuator. This option offers a direct method for obtaining electronic data relating to the force being applied by the actuator. The strain gauge load sensor is mounted inside the actuator’s case in a compact and protected robust design. The integrated load cell option is available on Exlar’s GSX30, 40, 50 and 60 models, and the I Series 30 and 40 model actuators. The load cell is a strain gauge type, offering stable and accurate load sensing (±1% linearity, ± 0.5% repeatability and hysteresis) in compression and optionally tension, and for static or dynamic loads.

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