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Stober Releases PE- series Inline Servo Gearhead

peThe “PE” is available for applications where very low backlash is not a criteria. They are an economical helical unit, comparable in quality to other STOBER units. “PE” Series units are shipped with a motor adapter to fit your specific motor and can be supplied with NEMA output adapters.


  • Standard Features:
  • Gears are case hardened to 61 Rockwell “C” and ground for maximum efficiency
  • Ring gear machined integral to the housing – not welded or pressed in – provides greater concentricity
  • Single piece planet carrier and shaft for greater concentricity and more precise alignment
  • The integrated motor coupling is designed to allow thermal expansion of the motor shaft, ensuring long motor life by preventing thrust load on the motor bearings. Adapter bushings to fit all motor shafts are provided when necessary. No shaft key is required.
  • 94 to 96% Efficiency
  • Noise Level as low as 64 dB(A)
  • NEMA output available
  • Lubed for life
  • Maintenance free
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty


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