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Unitronics adds new Samba model with 4.3″ HMI panel
Samba, an all-in-one, palm-size PLC with HMI and onboard I/Os, fills a growing niche; OEMs need compact controllers for simple machine control, but don’t want to compromise the competitive advantage of a modern, color-touch HMI panel due to budget limitations. After the successful release of the first Samba model Samba this spring, Unitronics is expanding the series with a 4.3″ HMI panel model.

The Samba’s sleek HMI, either a 3.5″ or 4.3″ QVGA 16-bit touchscreen, enables data entry and the display of variable data, including color Trend graphs and alarm screens. The integrated PLC offers a broad range of features including 2 auto-tuned PID loops, time-based RTC control, data logging, and recipes. Onboard I/O offers digital, analog, and high-speed functionality.  Both Samba units come supplied with a programming port (USB for 4.3”, RS232 for 3.5”). Additional ports can be added, including an RS485 or Ethernet, and a CANbus port. Samba supports GPRS/GSM, email and SMS, as well as industrial TCP/IP protocols, MODBUS, DF1 slave, CANopen, and J1939; it can also be adapted to any 3rd-party protocol. Samba uses Unitronics’ free VisiLogic software.

Samba offers all the functionality system integrators need for small applications, reduces space and wiring requirements, and eliminates the need to set up Panel-PLC communication-resulting in an excellent price-performance ratio.



Unitronics helps Aaron Oil Company, Inc. accurately track liquid collection

Based in Mobile, AL, Aaron Oil Company, Inc. is a leader in the used oil recycling and petroleum-based hydrocarbon reclamation sector. Aaron Oil has consulted with ENGraphted Inc. to lead the development of a next generation route collection truck.

Click video for more info (Guy Chetrit)
THEIR PROBLEM? They wanted to track gallon amounts of various liquids pumped through a collection truck by analyzing the liquid as it was being loaded onto the truck. This real time analysis data is used to route different waste products to their respected holding compartments on the truck, and tally up individual totals for the various liquids being pumped on-board. It is common to find various liquids that are stratified within a single “waste” tank at a customer location. Some of the stratified liquids may be considered a liability, while other layers may be considered an asset. They needed to separate these layers in real-time, in order to provide an honest report, as well as introduce a level of handling efficiency that is second to none in this industry.



They used a Unitronics Vision560™ PLC with a V200-18-E6B snap-in I/O module. The V560 PLC was able to provide the specific communication features, I/O support as well as the HMI preferences that they needed for their application. The PLC handled all of the on-board automation and data collection on the truck. The PLC accepted an input from an in-line multi-parameter analyzer to keep a running total of various liquids pumped through the truck and to route various liquids into different compartments. It also provides usable output to an on-board PC for real-time invoicing purposes, giving the customer the most accurate gallon amounts. This information is also communicated on a real-time basis to a central office location via secure cellular VPN for accounting purposes. Finally, the information is combined with an external GPS-based driver tracking system to promote efficient dispatching and to track driver performance.

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Unitronics is once again a finalist in the Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Awards! We need your help.

We were nominated in two categories:

  • SAMBA Hardware – Integrated HMI Controller
  • UniLogic Software – HMI Software
Please remember to vote for us in both categories!


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