A police department in the northeast had an aging monitoring and control system in their detention facility. The officers needed to be able to monitor the status of various rooms and devices, located in the detention area, reliably.

GoalCase Study Detention Center

The detention facility needed to monitor and control a total of 650 I/O points with 320 being controlled via distributed I/O. In the beginning, the customer wanted enhanced facility controls to replace the current control system. Originally a PLC + HMI solution was initially proposed. The customer did not like the “feel” of the totally electronic solution as they were used to a board with lights.


The customer chose to proceed with a PLC with distributed I/O components. Even though an HMI would have offered a better option for the system I/O, the customer chose to stick with discrete pushbuttons and lighted panel. They felt more comfortable with this type of system. The PLC was still able to incorporate more functionality into the monitoring and control system even with the simpler control panel. The customer was happy with the design of the system and it passed all testing requirements. The distributed I/O also reduced wiring time and costs.

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