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News From Unitronics!

Unitronics adds new Samba model with 4.3″ HMI panel Samba, an all-in-one, palm-size PLC with HMI and onboard I/Os, fills a growing niche; OEMs need compact controllers for simple machine control, but don’t want to compromise the competitive advantage of a modern, color-touch HMI panel due to […]

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Unitronics Releases An All-In-One Control Platform

Unitronics is proud to introduce the latest addition to the UniStream line, a 15.6-in. human machine interface (HMI) panel. The Unistream15 is a color touchscreen with 1366 x 768-pixel resolution and 16 million (16M) colors. This new 15-in. model rounds out the UniStream line, which also includes […]

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Lodar – The #1 For Remote Controllability

Our mission is to provide an Inexpensive, Industrial Range of Radio Wireless Solutions for Commercial Vehicle Winches and other Industrial applications. Lodar Industrial Radio Wireless Remote Controls do exactly what they say. By using a Remote Radio Wireless Transmitter they will allow a Winch system, or any […]

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Stober Releases PE- series Inline Servo Gearhead

The “PE” is available for applications where very low backlash is not a criteria. They are an economical helical unit, comparable in quality to other STOBER units. “PE” Series units are shipped with a motor adapter to fit your specific motor and can be supplied with NEMA […]

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Metal Work presents an exclusive new modular system for automation

  Metal Work presents an exclusive new modular system for automation   It can connect anything to anything: grippers, slides, rotary actuators or guide units, or even aluminium structures of any make. It can have any spatial orientation. It is very easy to connect, quick to lock […]

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Balluff’s New Vision Sensor BVS-E Universal

    The new BVS-E Universal vision sensor from Balluff with integral processing electronics, lighting and two digital outputs is a genuine all-rounder because it combines the functions of the proven BVS-E Advanced and BVS-E Ident vision sensors in a single device. For the first time, a […]

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Balluff introduces Sharpshooter, a new class of optical sensor for inspection and error proofing

Balluff has introduced a new class of sensors – an optical sensor – that fills the gap between conventional discrete sensors and vision systems.  Sharpshooter is a true optical sensor that combines the flexibility of a vision system and the simplicity of a photoelectric sensor.  It is […]

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Unitronics introduces Vision350: The Smallest PLC with Color Touchscreen

Color me Beautiful! Unitronics Vision350™ is the smallest PLC with an embedded COLOR touchpanel This palm-size PLC offers exceptional capabilities and diverse I/O options. Its 3.5” TFT touchscreen can show over 1024 displays, 6MB for images & 512k for fonts. The Vision350™ supports up to 512 I/Os […]

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Exlar linear actuators now have a built-in force measuring option

Exlar is extending the capabilities of its high torque, long life Exlar GSX and I Series of electromechanical linear actuators with the introduction of an integral force measuring option. Force measuring is achieved by means of a load cell embedded within the actuator. This option offers a […]

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