At Unique Automation, LLC, we are dedicated to pursuing innovative and productive results in every collaboration with our clients.

Our outlook on business centers around building, fostering, and maintaining strong relationships with each of our customers and manufacturing partners. We aggressively seek associates who stand to benefit from our collective engineering expertise and understand the business benefits of strong, long-term partnerships.

As an industry-leading motion control and fluid power integrator, Unique Automation is proud to provide clients with a selection of products from top-quality brands, including Dyna-Lift. If your organization is on the hunt for dependable and ergonomic industrial workbench solutions, the Dyna-Lift line could be for you. Dyna-Lift® (a registered trademark of Bucher Hydraulics) is the industry-standard for ergonomic and height-adjustable workbenches. As more and more industries demand height-adjustable tools and equipment, Dyna-Lift is stepping up to the plate to deliver high-quality solutions.

After the brand’s inception in 1981, Dyna-Lift has pursued innovative and forward-thinking approaches to industrial machinery and equipment. Their products are reliable under the most rugged and demanding conditions and find use in both conventional and unconventional applications, such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, massage parlors, auditoriums, and funeral sites.

Our Partner, Dyna-Lift®


Dyna-Lift Products: Unique Automation is a proud provider of Dyna-Lift’s line of adjustable lift tables and systems designed for industrial workbenches. Each table is designed to provide users with ergonomic workspaces that enhance safety, comfort, and productivity. Additionally, adjusting Dyna-Lift products to meet varied height requirements is as simple as cranking a handle or pushing a button.

Once installed, Dyna-Lift quickly converts fixed height tables and workbenches into lift tables. After outfitting a workstation with a Dyna-Lift system, work surfaces have a 0–16 inches height adjustability range and 1000-pound capacity.

The standard Dyna-Lift is complete and ready-to-install as soon as customers receive it. Other features include:

  • 1 to 6 cylinders
  • Smooth and quiet manual or electric operation
  • 4-post or 6-post systems for 250 or 1,000 pound max. capacity, respectively
  • Stainless steel leg systems
  • Colorless, odorless, non-staining, and non-toxic cylinder fluid usage
  • Options for custom systems

Additional Partners

At Unique Automation, we maintain a full line card of manufacturing partners to offer our customers the best products on the market. Our Dyna-Lift range of products is complemented by our stock of specialized components from other top-quality manufacturers like Stober, Tolomatic, and Unitronics.

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At Unique Automation, our business philosophy centers around three key goals: reducing overhead costs, offering friendly customer service, and presenting competitive pricing to each of our partners. Our knowledgeable staff—with over 80 years of experience in the industry—is well-poised to offer innovative engineering solutions tailor-made for your application.

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