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System Integrator

Unique Automation Is Partnering With Eaton! Eaton is providing smaller, smarter, faster solutions for machinery OEMs, panel builders and industrial users.The Eaton authorized Systems Integrator must have a proven track record with previously demonstrated experience in a specifically focused geography or targeted industry segment. Systems Integrators are required to meet a number of minimum requirements

Unique Automation is a proud integrator of Automation Direct. Automation Direct is a direct seller of automation and industrial control products with their primary products falling into the categories of PLCs (programmable logic controllers), Operator Interface panels, Variable Frequency Drives and Motors. They also carry numerous other products such as sensors, pushbuttons, motors, enclosures, wire, temperature and process controllers, and much more. Each year hundreds of new products are being added to their offering which makes them a fast growing and solid player in the high tech market of industrial automation.


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