Unique Automation, LLC is committed to providing customers with exceptional value.

As a leading motion control and fluid power integrator, we understand what it takes to build ongoing business partnerships: cost-effective solutions and a steadfast commitment to exceptional customer service. Our innovative and productive project outcomes have resulted in strong client partnerships.

We work hard to foster and grow these relationships and seek partners who will benefit from our collective engineering expertise. Clients who appreciate the business advantages of strong, long-term partnerships recognize our dedication to maintaining these connections.

We offer our partners a variety of motor and gearing products. Some of our other offerings include servo and stepper motors, AC and DC gear motors, and variable frequency rated AC motors.


Tolomatic: We carry a handful of Tolomatic-brand electric linear actuators. Some provide force extreme enough to replace hydraulic cylinders in demanding applications. Others are ideal for high-duty cycle or pressing applications. Depending on your project requirements, our staff will make recommendations concerning which Tolomatic electric linear actuator is best for you.


LinTech: LinTech has an extensive line of product offerings. From precision ball and screw belt drive linear positioning tables and rotary tables to a swath of positioning components, LinTech has created numerous products that customers across industries rely on every day. Their positioning tables and slides combine high repeatability and forces up to eight tons; components consist of:

  • Round rail shaft assemblies
  • Linear bearings
  • Ball screw assemblies

Dyna-Lift: We’re proud to offer the Dyna-Lift line of adjustable lift tables and systems for industrial workbenches. Dyna-Lift products are designed to provide ergonomic workstations that enhance worker safety and comfort. If you need to adjust Dyna-Lift products to meet varied height requirements, all you need to do is turn a crank handle or push a button.