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Hydraulic Power Units

The hydraulic power unit is the centerpiece of your hydraulic automation system. We can supply the individual components or a fully assembled system designed to your specific requirements. Systems range in size from fractional AC and DC power packs up to the most sophisticated power unit for the largest applications. Our power units can be supplied as a single custom designed application or in OEM quantities.

For assistance selecting the best product for your application, allow Unique Automation’s experienced professionals to guide you through the decision making process.



  AKG: AKG Thermal Systems is a leading producer of brazed aluminum bar-plate heat exchangers for use in automotive, construction, forestry, compressor, on-highway, railroad, and other industrial markets.
Hydroperfect International HPI: Hydroperfect International HPI manufactures hydraulic gear pumps on the cutting edge of technology, producing an outstanding 95% efficiency. HPI also provides versatile micro and mini power packs and quiet gear motors up to 8,000 RPM. Highly accurate flow dividers with 2, 3 or 4 flow paths are also available.
Monarch Hydraulics a Bucher Hydraulics Company: When your product needs to move up and down, side to side or with heavy loads, Monarch can help.  Monarch AC Power Units, DC Power Units and SAE Pumps are the finest in the industry.

Nachi: Nachi produces variable volume, pressure compensated PVS series and PZS series piston pumps. This style has semi-cylindrical swash plates that allow stable operation while increasing efficiency and reducing noise. The VDC, VDR and VDS series of vane pumps are ideal for applications such as machine tools, industrial machinery and vehicles.
Vescor: Vescor is a specialist in hydraulic reservoirs and accessories. You can find all things hydraulic, ranging from hydraulic reservoirs, hydraulic accessories, flexible couplings, oil coolers, oil filters, sight and pressure gages, tank magnets, motor dampening rods and dampening plates.
Internormen: Internormen provides hydraulic and lubricating fluid filters in single or twin versions, operating at pressures up to 1.400 bars and 20.000 l/m, and absolute filtration under 1µm. They also provide mobile and stationary offline filter units, as well as fluid purifier systems. In addition, sampling and oil analysis kits are available, as well as laboratory services including oil analysis and element inspection.
Interface Devices:
IDI air driven pumps are ideally suited to meet your intermittent flow and pressure demands without the cost and complexities of pressure compensated variable volume pumps.



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