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Machine Controls

Unique Automation offers a wide range of control products to suit every application requirement. Selecting from PLCs, PCs, process controllers, and CNC controls is often a daunting task.  A minor oversight in selection can turn into costly engineering and debug time. Allow Unique Automation’s experienced professionals to guide you through the decision making process in order to make the best choice for your specific needs.
– The M90/M91OPLC™ is an innovative micro-PLC with a built-in operating panel that contains an LCD display screen and full numeric keypad for easy man-machine communication.
– The Vision 120 series is an innovative group of PLCs with built-in graphical operating panel and full numeric keypad, on-board or snap-in I/Os, and powerful networking features.
– Samba™ is an all-in-one, palm-size controller.  The beautiful 3.5” / 4.3″ HMI 16-bit touchscreen enables data entry and display of variable data, including color Trend graphs and alarm screens.  Samba supports 24 user-designed screens, and up to 40 images per application. The integrated PLC controller offers a broad range of features including 2 auto-tuned PID loops, time-based RTC control, datalogging, recipes and more. Internal memory holds 0.5 MB of application logic, plus 512K for fonts and 0.5 MB for images.Onboard I/Os offer digital, analog, and high-speed functionality.

Eaton manufactures a full basket of automation and control products. Included in this offering are sensing and monitoring relays, operator interface, counters and timers, pushbuttons, stacklights, toggle switches and programmable logic controllers.

As a System Integrator for Automation Direct, we have diverse expertise with automation and control systems. We work with both large and small companies on projects that involve new designs, system upgrades, retrofits and service. Our technical expertise includes PLC, PC & CNC based control, HMI, machine vision, SCADA, data collection, VFD, servo, stepper, pneumatics, hydraulic & proportional hydraulic. We provide programming, system design, field startup/service, panel assembly (on-site panel shop), specification development, and installation services.

We are an integrator for automation Direct. We are helpful for startups when customers are looking to integrate systems.  We handle design, selection, and configuration of the entire solution as a whole. Let our engineers integrate our solutions for your problems.


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