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Mechanical Actuators

Unique Automation offers a powerful, reliable, and accurate selection of linear positioning stages.  Belt and lead screw driven slides are available for high speed and high precision applications respectively. All actuators can be equipped with sensors and mounting hardware based on your specific needs. For assistance selecting the best product for your application, allow Unique Automation’s experienced professionals to guide you through the decision making process.

  Bucher: Dyna Lift productsAdjustable lift tables/systems for industrial workbenches provide ergonomic workstations for worker safety and comfort.

LinTech builds precision ball screw and belt drive linear positioning tables, rotary tables and a complete line of positioning components. Components consist of round rail shaft assemblies, linear bearings, and ball screw assemblies.  LinTech’s positioning tables and slides combine high repeatability and forces up to 8 tons.
Exlar: Exlar offers patented roller screw technology providing valuable extension of the life of ball screws. The difference is in the roller screw’s design for transmitting forces.
Why consider roller screw technology? look here to find out
Actuators are available in a host of sizes and shapes in order to meet your application needs, including the cost effective SR series, I series with flexible mounting, and high capacity FT series.


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