Unique Automation, LLC is an integrator of motion control and fluid power products.

As we are committed to building ongoing business partnerships and providing our customers with cost-effective solutions for their applications, we actively seek manufacturing partners and clients who stand to benefit from our extensive engineering expertise and desire a strong, long-term relationship.

As a knowledgeable distributor of motor and gearing products, our company provides innovative and effective engineering solutions to companies across the USA. Our product offerings include servo and stepper motors, AC and DC gearmotors, and variable frequency-rated AC motors.



STOBER: Servo Gear Units and Motors: STOBER has a broad product offering that makes them the ideal brand for any gearing or motion control need. Their products include:

  • Planetary gearheads
  • Compact helical bevel gearboxes
  • Hollow bore motors
  • Rack and pinion solutions

STOBER gear products are available in a variety of designs (including inline, offset, and right-angle gear units) with customizable options to suit virtually any application, while the motor units feature a modular design that allows for direct mounting.

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DieQua: Speed Reducers and Gearmotors: DieQua manufactures and supplies a wide range of power transmission drive and motion control components. Available in numerous designs and configurations, their speed reducers provide torque multiplication and help control the operation of industrial machinery. Depending on the model, the gearboxes feature integral motors (i.e., gearmotors) or motor adapters.

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Sterling Electric: Stainless Steel Worm Gear Reducers: Sterling Electric is one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel motors with power ratings ranging from ¼ to 20 horsepower. Sterling Electric products are known for their high quality and unique design characteristics including suitability for extreme application conditions and sanitary operations.

Their product offerings include:

  • Worm gear reducers with capabilities for sub-fractional to 5 hp inputs, single and double reductions, and 5:1 to 3600:1 reduction ratios
  • Helical gear reducers with ¼ to 10 hp input
  • Helical worm gear reducers compatible with European product designs

Zero-Max: ServoClass® Shaft Couplings, Posi-Lok® Keyless Bushings, and Roh’Lix® Linear Actuators: For more than fifty years, Zero-Max has been one of the leading providers of power transmission components.

Their products are regularly used in applications across a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Packaging machinery
  • Automation and specialty machines
  • Dynamometer and test instrumentation
  • Wind turbine couplings and driveline products
  • Printing and converting equipment
  • Motion control solutions
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Road construction

The main Zero-Max products we stock are shaft couplings, keyless bushings, linear actuators, and adjustable speed drives.

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