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Operator Interface

Unique Automation offers compact 22mm push buttons and lights in addition to text based terminals and sophisticated graphical touch screen displays. Many terms apply to the interface device, including Operator Interface Terminal (OIT), Man Machine Interface (MMI), Human Machine Interface (HMI), and Graphical Operator Terminal (GOT). Whichever term you choose, know that this technology may very well be the most important piece of your machine. Allow Unique Automation’s experienced professionals to guide you through the decision making process in order to make the best choice for your specific needs.


Carlo Gavazzi:– Carlo Gavazzi is your source for Ersce push buttons and selector switches, a comprehensive line of high quality modular switches perfectly suited for a wide variety of applications. All switches, whether they are 22mm or 30mm types, share the same output modules and lamp holders.
– Still using text display? it’s SAMBA time! Improve your competitive advantage. Great look – incredible price.System integrators and OEMs often develop applications that require PLC control, but that settle on simple text displays due to limited budget.  Unitronics, a trendsetter in the field of all-in-one PLC + HMI integrated controllers, has specifically developed a device for these situations: Samba™
– Industrial control processes can now enjoy full PLC functionality with a larger than ever 12.1”, 65K color-touchscreen with the Vision1210! This controller is a perfect fit for the food industry- with its IP66 rating, this unit is ideal wherever spray/wipe down applications apply. A wide variety of on board I/O options can be added by simply snapping a module onto the back of the PLC.
– The award-winning Vision controller series welcomes its newest member—the Vision430™.  The beautiful, wide 4.3″ built-in color touchscreen brings added value to any application that requires a compact PLC controller with onboard I/Os. The touchscreen and five function keys are housed in a flat fascia with an IP66/IP65/NEMA4X rating—a fine fit for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
– Offers exceptional wireless capabilities, for remote switching of both DC and AC current, to the maximum of 15 amps DC or 10 amps AC. Applications include solenoid valves, hydraulic, air, water , etc., contactors for electric motor controls, making it easy and cost effective to upgrade from both wired and manual controls.      
Lodar Transmitters


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