Having the right HMI is an important part of any motion control application.

Unique Automation, LLC has cultivated ongoing business relationships with the industry leaders in cost-effective and innovative Operator Interface products thanks to our engineering expertise and dedication.

Unique Automation offers a wide variety of HMIs including Operator Interface Terminals (OIT), Man Machine Interface (MMI), Human Machine Interface (HMI), and Graphical Operator Terminal (GOT).



Unitronics: Many of our solutions come from Unitronics, a well-respected designer and manufacturer of advanced automation and control solutions used in industrial applications. Unitronics specializes in the development of PLC products that optimize communication and provide superior, user-friendly functionality. Available PLC controller options include:

  • Unistream (4 sizes)
  • Vision Series
  • Samba Series
  • Jazz
  • M90