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Tolomatic: Tolomatic offers a full line of precision electric motion control products that can apply to almost any application.

  • The TKS and TKB precision linear actuators, with a dual rail and a wide, low profile, offer superior results that are ideal for XY tables and stages as well as XYZ systems.
  • The TKS and TKB precision linear actuators are designed for moderate load, high precision applications where flatness, straightness, and accuracy are required. Both are ideal for creating XY or XYZ tables/stages. The two parallel profiled rails, with four recirculating ball linear guides provide consistency and precision even in the toughest of environments.
  • Each series have 3 compact actuators with the corresponding screw sizes. The system payloads range from 45 to 340.5 kg (100 to 750 lbs) with strokes available in any increment up to 2438 mm (96 in). The TKS actuators also offer a choice between either acme or ball nuts, and 11 metric body size screw/nut combinations.
  • Tolomatic also offers the SLS series electric linear actuator. This linear actuator is designed to carry light to moderate loads on a wide rigid base, which allows for easy mounting. The guidance system consists of two linear guide rods with recirculating ball bearings for a stable, smooth, and low friction operation. The rigid low profile design ideal for space constrained applications. The SLS actuator offers stroke lengths in any increments up to 3048 mm (120 in) depending on the screw selection.