At Unique Automation, LLC, we focus on continually improving the productivity of our clients by offering high quality products, services, and support.

Our team is committed to building ongoing business partnerships and providing our clients with cost-effective solutions to protect their employees and facilities.

Ensuring the health and safety of employees is critical to maintaining productivity levels. By establishing strong manufacturing partnerships based on shared values and mutual benefits, we can supply a broad range of safety, sensor, and auxiliary products that enhance the protection and productivity levels of client facilities.


Balluff: With over 80 years of experience in sensor technology, Balluff has the skills and knowledge to manufacture innovative, state-of-the-art sensors designed to suit a range of customer applications. The Balluff sensory products we distribute include inductive, photoelectric, and capacitive sensors and rotary valve sensors RFID systems as well as vision sensors and smart cameras.  See our vision sensor page for more details.

Canfield Connectors

Canfield Connector: Founded in 1977, Canfield Connector is a manufacturer of a wide variety of electronic components, including interconnection devices, timers, modules, and specialty devices for the fluid power industry. To ensure the quality of their products and customer satisfaction, they adhere to their Complete Quality Control Program (CQCP), which requires 100% testing and inspection before shipping any item.

Carlo Gavazzi

Carlo Gavazzi: Inspired by their commitment to continually developing cutting-edge safety technology, we partnered with Carlo Gavazzi to provide our clients with the highest quality safety products. Some of the products they manufacture include sensors, safety switches, light curtains, safety modules, and controls safety mats with up to three force-guided relay safety outputs.

In general, these components feature cUL and TUV approvals and can be used in up to safety category 4 applications. Additionally, their UA series ultrasonic sensors are designed for measuring distances and detecting objects in extreme environments.

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