Whether you have a new level sensing application or you’re experiencing trouble with your existing level sensing system, our engineers have the innovative products and knowledge to design a system that is reliable and accurate.

Capacitive sensors are used for level indication of a wide variety of materials ranging from dry bulk materials, such as powders and granulate, to liquid compositions. Liquids impose a special difficulty for level sensors in general, such as a tendency to foam, whereas others are adhesive or tend to create extensive amounts of material build-up on the sensors or the container walls

SmartLevel™ Technology

Their groundbreaking sensing technology allows SmartLevel™ sensors to reliably distinguish between true liquid level and foam, film, or build-up which would cause conventional capacitive sensors to false trigger.

SmartLevel sensors are only suitable for water-based liquids or other highly conductive liquids. They automatically tune out plastic or other non-conductive wall materials without teach-in procedures or other user interaction, dramatically reducing assembly time and simplifying setup routines.

Reduces costs

  • Eliminates routine cleaning maintenance
  • Self-adjusts to most applications
  • Simplifies installation routines

Solves more level detection applications

  • Compensates for film, foam, and material build-up
  • Senses liquids through glass or plastic walls up to 12mm thick
  • Detects aqueous and highly conductive liquids

Filling stations often deal with different materials that foam or leave heavy films that clog equipment and tubing. Solution: A point-level capacitive sensor can mount remotely from material and mechanical mixing devices to provide accurate, reliable, and low maintenance level detection.

SmartLevel capacitive sensor technology assures there won’t be any false triggering in the face of film, foam, or extraneous material build-up. They re-adjust to new material compositions automatically for faster changeover to a new production run.


Cooling fluids and other liquids used in the automotive and assembly industry require point level detection devices to indicate a full or empty container. Balluff MicroLevel™ sensors offer an excellent alternative to conventional electro-mechanical sensing devices in these applications because SmartLevel technology allows them to operate accurately without false triggering in the face of foam, film, or extensive material build-up.

Solution: MicroLevel™ sensors’ small size and 145 psi pressure-rated PSU housings equipped with M12 or ¼” NPT threads allows them to operate almost anywhere. These low maintenance SmartLevel sensors provide all four output types on three wires with our new XDC output to keep inventory low.

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