Vision Sensors vs. Vision Systems

Vision Sensors are stand-alone devices which operate without the need for a connection to a computer. They have the reliability of a rugged photosensor and the flexibility of a digital camera.

Vision Systems rely on a computer to run complex detection algorithms to sense the part under test. They can be costly to implement and require advanced programming knowledge and additional hardware on your production floor.

Balluff’s Vision Sensors


Uses a simple setup program which is free from Balluff. Once adjusted, the computer is disconnected and the sensor runs alone.

These sensors combine vision capability and photoelectric sensor simplicity. This vision-based sensor provides reliable error-proofing and quality inspection anywhere. It can be used like a sensor but provides far more functionality than any discrete sensor. It’s also far easier to use and more cost-effective than more complex vision systems.

Balluff Vision Solutions BVS SC SmartCamera

The BVS SC SmartCamera makes it possible to detect production defects in the manufacturing process early on and assures quality control of objects. It detects machine codes, text or serial numbers and assists robots in position finding.

Features include:

  • Rapid familiarization with easy tool operation
  • Flexible, using any desired test plan creation
  • Secure, application-specific results management for machine control
  • Versatile, many interfaces: Gigabit Ethernet, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, IO-Link, digital in-/outputs
  • Prompt access in networked locations (remote control)

Key Vision Sensor Notes:

  • Eliminate manual inspection, improve line speed
  • Catch errors quicker, and reduce downtime and scrap
  • Replace multi-sensor applications with one vision sensor
  • Choose from three models, only pay for features needed
  • Get 100% quality checking instead of audit checking
  • Ensure reliable quality inspection with VGA resolution
  • Pay sensor pricing for vision performance

Applications Include:

Packaging Applications

  • Water bottle fill level verification
  • Bottle cap presence verification
  • Clear bottle cap inspection
  • Cotton presence check in pill bottle
  • Package flap inspection
  • Product code verification
  • Conformance / presence check
  • Pattern matching
  • Packing completeness

CNC Applications

  • Verification of correct parts present
  • Presence of attributes to guarantee product quality
  • Verify part orientation
  • Verify the presence/absence of parts