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Custom Control Panels

Don’t risk your Control Panel project’s success. Our engineers will ensure your Control Panel is built to the highest quality standards at the lowest price possible.

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We specialize in rebuilding/refurbishing electronic control panels.

Top 5 reasons to rebuild your control panel:

1. Production halts from loose connections

2. Wiring diagrams no longer match wiring

3. More components need to be added

4. Components are overheating

5. The system quit working for the last time

Have a similar panel in your facility?

Top 5 benefits from rebuilding your control panel:

1. Production runs smoothly

2. Wiring diagrams are a useful aid to technicians when troubleshooting

3. Space available for future expansion

4. Less overheating means tighter control

5. The system has been reliable for years

We helped this customer achieve these benefits and we can help you too! Call today and tell us what you want to accomplish.

Improving your productivity is our primary focus at Unique Automation. Our customers rapidly become partners once they see how swiftly and skillfully we improve their productivity by managing all aspects of their control panel needs. To ensure your next control panel project is a success, we’ve listed the top five goals every control panel project should meet:

Top 5 goals your control panel project should meet:

1. Improved productivity – We recognize the pressure you are under to get more accomplished with fewer resources available. It’s essential that your focus is on your primary business functions and not on ancillary projects. Contracting with us to manage all aspects of your control panel project ensures your focus and resources are applied to your primary purpose.

2. Overall lower cost of acquisition – Our primary focus is building the best control panels in the industry. We have considerable experience building panels in the most productive manner possible. This outstanding level of productivity allows us to deliver significant savings on labor and components.

3. Full documentation – You may have found wiring diagrams and wire identification were left incomplete when a control panel was built by another company. This manner of doing business saves those companies time and expense; but it leaves you vulnerable to considerable downtime while your maintenance staff attempts to troubleshoot an undocumented system. With Unique Automation, you will always receive a control panel with full documentation that has been quality inspected for accuracy.

4. Elevated component quality – Components are the foundation which your control system is built upon. Each one should be selected for its reliability, effective operation, and ease of use. We have partnered with carefully selected companies who share our business philosophy and are committed to delivering superior products.

5. Enhanced system reliability – The productivity of your business is dependent on the control panel operating at 100% effectiveness. Anything less puts you and your company at a disadvantage. We understand how critical the control panel is to your success and we believe in delivering only the most reliable system possible.

Capabilities:We know how to make your control panel project a success. To ensure a successful project every time, we have developed the following in-house capabilities:• Custom painting to your specification •AutoCAD Layout and electrical design •OIT / PLC / Servo programming •Check out our Control Panel Rebuilding Page• On-site installation and integration •Full project management service  
ApplicationsPump controls CNC controlAssembly automationProcess controlHydraulic control  

Contact us today to review your custom control panel needs. We will partner with you to develop a solution that is cost effective, reliable and perfectly suited to your business needs.

Located in upstate New York, we serve Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and all points in-between.


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