Unique Automation, LLC is a full-service turnkey supplier of highly customized control panel solutions that fit the specific needs of each valued customer.

We forge enduring business partnerships by providing practical, innovative, and cost-effective solutions for all sorts of challenging applications.

Our team has accumulated more than 80 years of combined engineering experience, giving us the in-depth expertise needed to solve all manner of intricate design and installation problems. We continually seek out potential business partners who need our services and appreciate the value of long-term, mutually beneficial business partnerships.

Custom Control Panels: Features and Uses

Our custom control panels contain many key features that address common pain points for our customers. Examples of these problem areas include:

  • Many customers have to deal with significant downtime due to poor wiring connections and other systemic issues. We ensure that each custom control panel system is correctly wired and outfitted with the most appropriate electrical components. This helps to prevent downtime, saving the customer time and money.
  • We provide clear and up-to-date documentation on every control panel we supply. This streamlines the troubleshooting process in case issues arise, and contributes to a safe working environment.
  • Cost improvements. Our systems also help customers to cut production costs, while improving efficiency and productivity.

Working with Unique Automation

Our team of engineering experts will use your design parameters to create an optimal system that fits your unique operational needs. Under the direction of our engineers, our assembly/installation professionals will implement the design in a safe, prompt, and efficient manner.

In addition to design and installation, Unique Automation also provides documentation, drawings, and programming support services:

  • Documentation
  • Drawings
  • Programming support

Our primary and value-added services help us to stand out from our competitors. Our services including the following:

  • Complete turnkey systems from design phase through installation
  • The capability to utilize multiple PLC software platforms
  • Additional engineering and development

Some of our value-added services include:

  • Training provisions for your employees/operators
  • Comprehensive installation support
  • Engineering support
  • Process development and design expertise
  • Upgrades to your system

Choose Unique Automation for Your Custom Control Panel Needs

Our business is founded on such tenets as reducing overhead costs, offering affordable prices, and giving exceptional customer service. With more than 80 years of collective pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical drive/control experience, our staff is second-to-none in providing practical and innovative engineering solutions. We have leveraged cutting edge technology to arrive at win-win solutions for 15 years.

We will work with you to craft a tailored solution that is cost-effective and beneficial for your current business situation. From our facility in upstate New York, we serve Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and all points in between.

We keep the end-to-end process very simple for our clients. Contact us and an engineering or sales specialist will visit your site and gather all the critical parameters needed for an accurate estimate. We will then generate a quote and present it to you. Once the quote is accepted, we will begin work to deliver an exceptional product to you within a reasonable time frame.

When it comes to selecting a custom control panel, allow our helpful and experienced experts to assist you in the decision making process. Reach out to us at Unique Automation today for more information.


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