Unique Automation, LLC is a supplier of motion control and fluid power products.

Our expert staff has over 80 years of combined experience in pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical applications. We actively seek manufacturing partners and clients who stand to benefit from our extensive engineering experience to build long-lasting business partnerships and provide our customers with cost-effective solutions.

We offer a wide range of products—such as actuators, control valves, motion controls, motor and gears, and robots—as well as capabilities for custom hydraulic systems.

Our Custom Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic systems use pressurized fluid to compound a tool’s mechanical ability. Custom hydraulic systems are designed to suit a specific space, purpose, and user. By investing in custom hydraulic systems, businesses are afforded several benefits, including:

  • Capabilities for more efficient processes
  • Greater control over process parameters
  • Less downtime
  • Ease of troubleshooting
  • Lower production costs
  • Better quality in finished products
  • Enhanced system reliability

A new hydraulic system is a significant investment. However, there are several reasons why clients should consider custom hydraulic systems design services, such as:

  • Upgrading workspaces with newer equipment
  • Increasing productivity
  • Enhancing overall process and operational efficiency
  • Minimizing downtime

Additionally, custom hydraulic systems solve many common problems experienced with other systems, including by:

  • Improving hydraulic efficiency to improve machine performance
  • Updating equipment to increase safety for machine operators
  • Facilitating smooth hydraulic operation to positively impact productivity

Partnering With Unique Automation

At Unique Automation, our entire team is dedicated to delivering the optimal hydraulic solution to the client. During the design phase, our engineers work closely with the client to create a design that perfectly matches their needs. Once the design is complete, our skilled technicians assemble and install custom system components. To ensure a smooth and accurate process, our engineers carefully oversee every step of the process, from concept to completion. Our extensive network of suppliers consistently delivers superior quality parts that help us create functional custom systems.

Our partnership process relies heavily on open communication between team members and the client and includes the following stages:

  1. Initial contact. Service starts with the initial contact through phone or email.
  2. Concept quote request. We discuss the potential parameters of your project, and the client requests a quote.
  3. Site visit. Team members from our sales and engineering department then visit the client’s site to gather critical information for project parameters.
  4. Quote generation. An initial quote is presented to the client for approval.
  5. Project initiation. Once the terms are agreed upon, work begins.

What Makes Unique Automation Different?

There are a variety of suppliers available to help you create a custom hydraulics system. However, Unique Automation is the ideal partner for your industrial or manufacturing project for many reasons.

  • We can help you design and install turnkey systems for your operations.
  • Our engineers work with multiple PLC software platforms, which allows seamless integration.
  • Working with our team increases the client’s engineering and development capabilities.

The biggest benefits of working with Unique Automation are our extensive experience and partnership-based approach. Our cumulative years of experience and customer-focused mindset allow us to achieve results that other suppliers can’t.

After your project is complete, our value-added services ensure you get the most out of your new custom hydraulic system. We provide:

  • Training
  • Installation or installation support
  • Engineering support
  • Process development
  • Design support
  • System upgrades

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At Unique Automation, we focus on providing the best quality equipment and services while maintaining a cost-conscious vision. Our goal is to reduce client costs without negatively affecting their production abilities. Open, friendly service and a commitment to our clients’ success is the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy.

Our team possesses a combined total of 80 years of experience in pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical drive and control. This quality allows us to continuously innovate solutions for our clients.

Located in upstate New York, our company services the areas between Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse. Over 15 years, we have successfully assisted businesses across the United States and worldwide.

For assistance with designing and selecting a custom hydraulic system for your application, contact us today to allow our experienced Unique Automation team to guide you through the decision-making process.


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