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Custom Hydraulic Systems

Click the following images for project examples and descriptions:


Below are pictures of hydraulic systems we designed with our supplier, Interface Devices. It is a multi-station valve package controlling  8 cylinders. The chosen media to power this 4,000 psi system was 80 psi air. The output fluid was ISO 32 oil.

Unique Automation Hydraulic Testing Bench System

Unique Automation has designed and built a custom test bench system for the testing of Hydraulic power units. Unique Automation can design, assemble and test various configurations of Hydraulic power units before delivery to its customers. Unique Automation can also supply 3 D CAD files as well as 2 D drawings of the parts and assemblies in fully dimensioned formats. This testing system allows Unique Automation to ensure all Hydraulic power units are fully functional and are set to the proper pressure limits. This test bench also ensures each unit is free of any defective parts such as pumps, pumps blocks and shafts and free of any leaks.


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