Unique Automation, LLC is a supplier of custom motion control and fluid power products.

Committed to building ongoing business partnerships and providing our customers with cost-effective solutions, we actively seek manufacturing partners and clients who seek to benefit from our engineering expertise.

Additionally, our expert staff has over 80 years of combined experience in pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical applications, which allows us to provide high-quality solutions tailored to meet our client’s unique needs.

We offer a wide range of products—such as actuators, control valves, motion controls, motor and gears, and robots—as well as capabilities for custom mechanical systems.

Our Custom Mechanical Systems

Custom mechanical systems engineering and design services enhance production environments and improve profit potential. Investing in custom mechanical systems provides industrial facilities with several benefits, such as:

  • Increased system reliability
  • Better control of process parameters
  • Decreased downtime
  • Ease of troubleshooting
  • More space for future expansion
  • Higher thru-put
  • Improved product quality

Industrial clients choose custom mechanical systems to achieve certain operating goals. They allow operators to:

  • Improve productivity without a permanent increase in overhead
  • Increase the quality and consistency of finished products
  • Ensure the efficient operation of production equipment
  • Minimize downtime due to malfunction
  • Allow for more ergonomic operation
  • Increase the effectiveness of safety features

Premade systems often require adjustments that reduce their efficiency. Custom systems solve common issues that traditionally slow down production and endanger the viability of business operations. These are some of the problems in older systems that are avoided with custom system installations:

  • The presence of older equipment that may be faulty and unsafe
  • The inability to locate defective parts in intricate systems
  • Antiquated electrical systems and components that break down


Partnering With Unique Automation

The team at Unique Automation works closely with the client to assess and fulfill their unique needs. The collective design knowledge of our engineering staff is an integral part of our ability to intelligently respond to the needs of the client. We employ a skilled workforce to assemble custom system elements. Throughout the installation and start-up processes, our engineers work closely with our technicians to ensure the final installation meets or exceeds expectations. With an extensive network of suppliers, we always use the highest quality parts for each component.

When partnering with us, a client can expect to go through the following stages:

  1. Initial contact (through phone or email)
  2. Requesting a concept quote (by the client)
  3. Site visit (our team visits the site to gather critical information for project parameters)
  4. Quote generation (the quote is presented to the client for approval)
  5. Project initiation (work begins once the terms of the quote are approved)

What Makes Unique Automation Different?

In addition to our superior products and professional design and support services, Unique Automation offers other services that add value to our base packages. We can:

  • Complete custom turnkey systems from concept to final installation.
  • Work seamlessly with multiple PLC software platforms.
  • Improve the client’s existing engineering and development efforts.

Our decades of experience and partnership-oriented approach gives the Unique Automation team the singular ability to consistently solve complex problems for our clients. Other value-added services include:

  • Post-installation training
  • Full installation by our technicians or installation support from expert engineers
  • Process development and design expertise
  • Systems upgrades

Contact Unique Automation Today

At Unique Automation, our mission is to help our clients deliver their best. We do this by providing custom mechanical systems that reduce overhead costs, pricing our goods and services competitively, and providing friendly and professional customer service to all of our clients. Our staff boasts a collective 80 years of practical experience in hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical drives and control. For 15 years, we’ve used this varied and extensive knowledge to continuously create innovative solutions for our manufacturing clientele across the United States.

Our entire team understands that our success depends on the client’s success. By engineering cost-effective and reliable custom systems made to their exact specifications, we ensure our clients’ production problems are always solved. From our headquarters in upstate New York, the team at Unique Automation serves businesses in the Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and around the world.

For assistance with designing and selecting a custom mechanical system for your application, contact us today to allow our experienced Unique Automation team to guide you through the decision-making process.