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Case Study – Multi-Tier Attrition Scrubber

Goal: A particular customer asked us to develop a mobile, multi-tier attrition scrubber that would be easy to transport to different locations. The equipment had to be mounted to a type of portable frame that would be moved about freely in a factory environment. They also needed the ability to control each motor separately, depending on the application. In addition, accessibility to the tanks for maintenance was also important.

Results: Unique Automation engineered, design and built a portable 4-Tier Attrition Scrubber. Each scrubber was mounted at a different level, creating a downward flow of material. Material would be introduced through a funnel mounted to the top scrubber. When the level of the material reached a certain point in the tank, it would exit out through the overflow and begin filling the next scrubber in line. This would continue until 4 scrubbers where full. Once it was in full cycle, there could be a continuous flow of material in the funnel
and exiting out the discharge valve of the last unit.

Each motor was equipped with its own VFD to allow the motors to run at different speeds or in synchronous. All the VFD’s and electrical components were housed in a single enclosure and mounted to the back of the stainless steel skid that supported the 4 scrubbers.

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