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Case Study – Robot and Loading Tray Assembly

Goal: A local parts manufacture needed to find away to increase productivity without increasing labor cost. This goal would allow the company to compete in the global market.

Situation: Existing CNC machining equipment had already been updated with state of the art control systems for greater optimization. Something new and innovative was needed.

Resolution: A Mitsubishi RV-6SDL series robot with custom made parts for handling equipment was intergraded into the CNC machining equipment. With the high degree of accuracy that the robot offered, they were able to position the parts consistently in the same location every time. The robot was able to load and unload the parts at a much greater rate than an operator could perform.

Results: The incorporation of the robotic system and a eight tray self-feeding stand assembly allowed the customer to redirect the labor efforts to the quality control of the product. This allowed the operator to detect tool wear much sooner, which greatly reduced part rejection. This along with an increased production rate, resulted in lower part costs, reduced part rejection and reduced downtime of the equipment. The customer is now very competitive in the global economy and ready for expansion.


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