As a top integrator of motion control and fluid power solutions, Unique Automation understands the importance of building strong business partnerships to solve challenging engineering issues and create cost-effective systems.

We look for partners who value a long-term relationship. Additionally, we offer a wide range of automation products from proven suppliers like Unitronics.

Since 1989, Unitronics has designed, manufactured, and marketed control and automation products for virtually every industry. They offer an extensive inventory that includes PLCs with integrated human-machine interface (HMI), variable frequency drives (VFDs), input/output devices (I/Os), and programming software. Designed for durability, compactness, and power, these products streamline the automation process.

Unitronics products find application across a diverse range of industries—including automotive, energy, food processing, petrochemicals, and waste management—in more than 55 countries across the world.

Our Partner, Unitronics


Unitronics Products: Unique Automation is a proud provider of Unitronics-brand products, including the innovative Unistream line of PLCs that incorporates an easy-to-use touchscreen. In addition, we offer our clients Unitronics complete line of PLCs with integrated HMI, variable frequency drives, I/Os and related devices, and programming software.


Operator Interface

Unitronics’ operator interface products include a full line of PLC + HMI controllers, VFDs, and I/Os, as well as compatible software that supports SNMP, FTP, email, GPRS/GSM, and remote access via VNC client. Some of the PLC controller options that we distribute include:

  • Unistream (in four sizes). Best for complex machines and automation applications and available with a variety of panel size options and additional snap-on modules for the right fit and function
  • Vision Series. Ideal for advanced machines and automation applications and available with onboard or snap-on I/O modules to increase functionality.
  • Samba Series. Features a high-resolution color display that facilitates programming and control operations
  • Jazz. Features a reliable, text-based interface with up to 40 onboard I/Os
  • M90. Scalable control panels for simpler machines that allow for I/O expansion modules

Motor Controls

For motor control and automation applications, Unitronics offers a full line of variable frequency drives, servo drives and motors, and PLC + HMI controls. Altogether, these products facilitate the setup and configuration of automated systems, increasing productivity.

Motion and Machine Controls

By producing a full line of fully integrated PLCs + HMI, VFDs, and servos, Unitronics has made automation control a possibility for most industrial applications. At Unique Automation, we can suggest the right automation components for systems in most industries, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Chemical processing
  • Energy production
  • Food and dairy production
  • HVAC
  • Packaging and palletizing
  • Plastic extrusion
  • Water and wastewater treatment

Our Additional Partners

Our full line card shows all of the manufacturers that we work with to offer our clients a diverse range of motion control and fluid power solutions. In addition to carrying Unitronics products, we distribute products from STOBER, Dyna-Lift, and Tolomatic.

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